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Machines in Tinkermill Machine Shop

Mitek CNC vertical milling machine, 15"(Y)x28"(X)x15"(Z) NMTB40 tooling

Two Manual milling machines (One Bridgeport brand, one SuperMax YC-1 1/2VA - a Bridgeport clone)

Two Nardini 1640 Lathes. The tool posts on both are BXA. Threading is inch on one and metric on the other.

Band Saw (blade length is 93-1/2", typical width is 1/2", typical thickness is 0.025", and typical tooth count is 14 TPI - McMaster-Carr)

Drill Press

Pedestal Grinder

Deckle single flute grinder - Operating Manual

Bovar-Schultz Challenge 6-18 Hydraulic Surface Grinder - Operating Manual

52" sheet metal roll/press brake/shear tool - Operating Manual

20k pound hydraulic press, misc. arbor presses, etc.

Sheet metal hand tools

Tooling, granite plate, inspection tools.


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