Jewelry and Metal Craft Projects Catalog

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Currently scheduled classes are posted to the TINKERMILL MEETUP CALENDAR List of project or technique classes that may be offered:

  • Enameling
  • Raised Vessels
  • Twisted wire bracelet
  • Forging
  • Electro etching
  • Electro forming
  • Fold Forming
  • Wire Wrapping
  • Stone Setting (bezel and prong construction)
  • Casting- Lost Wax
  • Casting- Non traditional media
  • Metal Clay (Intro)
  • Metal Clay (Basic)
  • Metal Clay (Advanced)
  • Filligree
  • Riveting and basic cold connections
  • Basic Metal Fabrication
  • Rolling mill textures in fabrication
  • Chase and Repousse
  • Boxes and reliquaries

  • Braided wire bracelets:
Braided wire
-- Handout - Media:Wirework braided wire - Handout.pdf
-- Chart - Media:Wire_gauge_chart.pdf
-- Chart, Stranded Wire - Media:Swc.pdf

  • Color on metal 1: art media
  • Color on metal 2: patinas
  • Bangle bracelets

List of project or technique classes that have been suggested but not yet offered: If you'd like to take or teach one of these classes contact the shop captain. If you'd like to take or teach a class that is not listed, also, please contact the shop captain. See Shop Captains. -

  • Magazine spotlight
  • Bead stringing basics
  • Mold-making
  • Polymer clay sculpting
  • Millifiori
  • Doll-making
  • Face sculpting from polymer clay
  • Making a flute from a recycled copper tube
  • Window art
  • Making home decor objects from metal and mixed media, e.g.:
  • dishes, bells, clocks, knobs, boxes, hinges, light switch plates, wall and mantle art, etc.
  • Repousse and Chasing
  • Hydraulic pressed forms